Max Legal E-Commerce Website

With this particular project, I was brought in past the branding phase and was instead tasked to make the e-commerce website.
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The Happy Camper E-Commerce Website

For this brand I was tasked to design the E-commerce Website for a mobile retail unit known as The Happy Camper. I was a lot more involved with the process of this brand as when I was put on it, only the logo had existed.
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CATC Blue Diamond Awards - 2020

I had the great pleasure of working with CATC, through Packard Place, to assist them on their annual Blue Diamond Awards event.
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Unhinged Comic Site

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GD Productions Brand

GD Productions is my personal brand used for my own publications, or products that I sell at various conventions. And every brand needs brand assets.
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Remastering a Low Res Cover

I noticed that there was a lack of high quality scans of the cover art for this game, so I took it upon myself to use my illustration and graphic design skills to vectorize, the artwork from the ground up.
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Inner Peas - 2020

2020 was a hard year for many people, so a couple of my class mates and I decided to come up with a fun and creative idea to keep people positive during the lock down.
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