Remastering a Low Res Cover

The Brief:

A series I quite enjoy is that of Shin Megami Tensei, which is a video game franchise from japan that has existed for over 30 years now. There have been releases over the years on various different platforms such as NES, all the way to PS5. One spin off in the series is called Demi Kids, which is a more child friendly entry to the series released on Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. I noticed that there was a lack of a high quality scan of the cover art for the game, so I took it upon myself to use my illustration and graphic design skills to vectorize, the artwork from the ground up. The process involved me redrawing the artwork itself and trying to stick to the colors as close as possible. Then from there I redid all the logos, and copy in Adobe Illustrator so that they would be in lossless quality.