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The main goal of this website was to provide a convenient platform for easy access and reading of my comic book series online. Additionally, I aimed to create an engaging environment for comic enthusiasts, with the intention of expanding readership and reaching a wider audience.

Research and Analysis:

Through surveys and interviews with online comic readers, I gathered valuable insights into their preferences, helping me determine the most suitable design options to keep them engaged on the site. Additionally, I analyzed various web comic websites, learning from their successes and shortcomings. Armed with this research, I developed a user persona representing the target audience: comic enthusiasts seeking an easy-to-navigate platform, with captivating visuals, and supplementary information to enhance their fan experience.

Information Architecture:

Efforts were dedicated to creating a reader-friendly website that allowed users to navigate effortlessly, enabling them to pick up and resume reading seamlessly. To achieve this, I implemented drop-down options for easy selection of pages and chapters. The process involved designing a wireframe and an interactive prototype, providing a clear visualization of the website’s new layout and user flow, ultimately ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for readers.

Visual Design:

In the visual design phase, I skillfully created a captivating design that perfectly complements the comic book world, using vibrant colors and visually appealing illustrations that resonate with the target audience. Additionally, I integrated social media features, allowing users to easily share their favorite comics and explore new releases through their social networks, fostering a sense of community and interaction among readers.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

Building an inclusive website requires adherence to accessibility standards, ensuring that all users have a seamless experience. Key elements in achieving this include providing appropriate alt text for images and choosing contrasting colors for enhanced readability. By considering these factors, the website becomes accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Results: Unhinged Website

The comic book website underwent a successful transformation, becoming an engaging digital hub that captivated readers and created a sense of community. It immersed users in the captivating world of the series, offering a thrilling and enjoyable experience. To explore the site, simply click the button below.