Inner Peas - 2020

The Brief:

During a year that tested the spirit of many, a group of classmates and I embarked on a mission to spread joy and positivity during the lockdown. Thus, the ingenious concept of Inner Peas was born, a delightful play on words that encapsulated the pursuit of finding inner peace in trying times. Harnessing the power of Instagram, we set out to reach an audience that may be grappling with the hardships of the era.

Within this remarkable endeavor, my role as an illustrator took center stage. I had the privilege of breathing life into the endearing pea characters that would grace our posts, infusing them with charm and whimsy. Additionally, I lent my design skills to create captivating Instagram visuals that would captivate and uplift our audience. Embracing the role of a wordsmith, I crafted evocative descriptions that accompanied our posts, delicately weaving words to inspire and provide solace.

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